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FAQ 1:

What do I need to know if I wish to launch, berth, & use a boat from here?

Private Property

Lympstone Harbour which includes the slipway, hardstanding, the foreshore & moorings throughout the Parish is the private property of the Lympstone Fishery & Harbour Association (LFHA).  The Association’s objects are to maintain its property as an amenity to the Parish and in particular for its members in accordance with wider regulations.

To do this, the Harbour Board manages the Association’s affairs on a day-to-day basis, sets fees, issues members’ licenses and regulates activity.  Fees are set annually to cover costs, ratified  by members at the Annual General meeting usually held in February.

Permanent residents of Lympstone may apply to the Harbour Board for membership if they wish to use LFHA property for any boating purposes by completing an Application for membership Form.

Whilst enjoying a symbiotic relationship with Lympstone Sailing Club (LSC), the two organisations are independent.

The LFHA in its present form came into being in the 1990s.