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12.  I was licensed last/this year, what happens this/next year?

The cycle of licensing for a new year starts with the AGM in February, at which the fees for the coming year are ratified.  Soon afterwards, the membership secretary sends to each member an invoice based on the previous year’s licenses.  At this stage, license changes can be made which may be considered by the Board.

Once licenses are agreed & payment received, a receipt in the form of a License Label for each vessel licensed will be issued (they are placed in a box in the window of LSC’s foyer) about a week before the harbour opens for the summer season.  No vessel should remain on LFHA property without clearly displaying a License Label for the current year.

This license however DOES NOT guarantee you a berth come Harbour Opening time.  See Oversubscription of the Hard for details.

To change your current license(s), click on Licenses above and follow Option 2.