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FAQ 2:  Do I need to be a member of LFHA?

To keep any vessel at the Harbour or on LFHA property, or to launch & retrieve over the foreshore, the answer is ‘YES’.

To qualify for membership you must be a permanent Lympstone resident, on the Electoral Role.   

Why?  Simply because the harbour & the foreshore are privately owned by the LFHA. It needs income from members to provide & maintain the property and facilities.  With limited resource, we can only attempt to satisfy demand from within the Parish.

How to become an LFHA Member?

Click the Licences tab above, check that there is spare capacity for the facility that you wish for, then scroll down to & choose Option 1. Download, print & complete this Form with any accompanying relevant information and deposit it in the LFHA postbox by the LFHA Noticeboard at the Harbour (nb not the LSC Letterbox)   OR post your Form to LFHB, The Harbour, The Strand, Lympstone, EX8 5EX  

At this stage, send no money.  Your Application will be considered at a subsequent Harbour Board meeting & the outcome conveyed to you by email, letter or phone.

E-mail is the preferred means of communication apart from your initial Membership Application Form, for which we require your signature.

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