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FAQ 14.  What is the role of the Harbour Board?      

The primary role of the LFHA Harbour Board is to administer & maintain its property for the benefit of its members in accordance with the Association’s Constitution & statutory regulations.  To do this, it needs to administer a membership scheme, hold an Annual General Meeting and levy fees from licensing facilities for members.

The executive committee of the Association, the Harbour Board, administers the area which includes the harbour & slipway, moorings & the ramp (not a slipway for vehicles) at Sowden End.  It manages its property in accordance with the following objectives:

 to promote & enable recreation on the estuary

 to maintain the fabric of the harbour & manage the facilities within it

to have regard for the marine environment within the confines of its property & the Exe Estuary as a whole.

Moorings are licensed owners who live locally on an annual & renewable basis.

Lympstone operates a two season boating year. During the sailing season, larger vessels are moored in the estuary, whilst sailing dinghies & tenders are berthed on the hardstanding.  During the winter period, dinghies & tenders are removed from the Association’s property whilst the larger vessels are craned or trailered onto the hardstanding (winter dry-berths).

The AGM is usually held in February or January, whilst the Board usually  meets in the first week of each month excluding August.

Whilst the focus of the LFHA is the maintenance of its assets & management of mooring & berthing, the social and recreational side of boating is addressed by the Lympstone Sailing Club.