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Conditions of Membership

Membership of LFHA is conferred on an individual by the Harbour Board when licenses are applied for, agreed & fees are paid in full.  

Conditions of membership include permanent residency in the Parish of Lympstone and being registered on the Electoral Roll. These apply to joint members also.  Licenses will lapse when any party no longer meets the joining conditions.

Licenses last for the period for which they are granted (moorings, launching only & Store places annually, all other facilities for the LFHA summer & winters seasons).

Licenses are not transferable between family members or to anyone else without written notification to, and agreement from the Harbour Board in writing.

Please note that your membership of the Association is conditional on the following at all times:

1. You maintain adequate third-party insurance on all your vessels on or using the Association's property.

2. You use the Association's property entirely at your own risk.

3. Any vessel on LFHA property will display a current license label at all times.

4. You undertake to:

i) inspect your mooring tackle at least each year & to keep it in good repair at all times.

ii) identify your mooring buoy by clearly marking it with your allocated Mooring Number.  

5. In paying fees you are implicitly agreeing to abide by all LFHA Rules.  License Labels for each vessel act as receipts.

Joint Ownership

Members with ownership partners, or partners who share the cost of purchase or maintenance of licensed vessels are not members of the Association.  Such partners have no rights & if the registered licensee sells his or her share or disappears the remaining partner must apply for membership (only one person is recognised by the Association as a licensee).  In such a case there is no assumption of continuance; the applicant will be treated like all new applicants & will have to take a place on any relevant waiting list if the application is accepted or remove his or her property if the application is refused.

Licenses only exist between the registered LFHA Member & the Harbour Board, even if a vessel is jointly owned.

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