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Explanation of craning fees on your forthcoming invoice for 2020/21 fees

In October 2019, there was uncertainty of what the crane hire fee would be until we obtained an invoice after the event.  We therefore set the fee at £100, with the promise that come the reckoning, surpluses would be refunded.  The final figure to just cover our costs for Oct 2019 craning is £70 per lift.  Therefore, your invoice for 2020/21 fees will show a £30 per lift refund against that event.

The Harbour Board has since researched the local crane hire market and chosen a new company for April 2020 craning.  It so happens that the charge per lift this time will again be £70.  This will also be shown as a separate item on your invoice.

Just to recap, the total cost of crane hire and sundries on any craning day is equally divided by the number of lifted vessels irrespective of the size of the vessel and is borne by the owners.