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End of the 2018 Sailing Season

If you currently have a licensed vessel on the hardstanding, you are reminded that it must be removed from LFHA property by sundown on Sunday 7th October.  The only exceptions to this, are tenders to vessels still on moorings, the 6 canoes & one paddleboard with existing winter rack licenses, the 4 LSC dinghies & 2 safety boats.   

Owners of unwanted or broken down launching trolleys are reminded to remove them from the site promptly.

Owners who recover their moored vessels from the water themselves, are reminded that they must do so AFTER craning ashore has completed and the Harbour reopened to the public.

Licenses for the storage of sailing dinghies over winter are no longer granted.

Craning will take place on Saturday 13th October with the crane arriving on Friday evening and perhaps blocking the entrance to the hardstanding.  All access to the area will be restricted during craning operations.  Owners of vessels being lifted must have previously signed the indemnity form posted in LSC foyer, paid their craning fee (£50) and attend the safety briefing which will commence at 0715 with the first lift at 0730 and be available at all times in case the craning order changes.

No vessels with stepped masts may be berthed on the eastern wall of the wet-harbour during craning.  Keep an eye on this website for further information.

As there is usually little tidying-up to do before craning ashore, there is no call to volunteers for this.  Harbour Board members will be setting out alignment markings on Friday 12th.

Many thanks to the LSC ladies for the provision of hot drinks and butties - others bring change.

Harbour Closure

The craning of vessels is a potentially dangerous activity.  To eliminate risk, the Harbour will be closed to the general public during craning operations.  Restrictions will also apply to owners whose vessels are being craned, these will be explained during the safety briefing.

Large vehicle movements through the Village

A crane will be arriving at the Harbour during Friday afternoon, so those who park on its route along The Strand & Burgmann’s Hill, and the route to the Harbour by the Swan Inn are asked for their co-operation in allowing it clear passage.  The crane will depart by the same route early afternoon on Saturday.

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