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17 April:  Last call for 2017/8 season vessels to return to the hardstanding.  Waiting list re 2018/9 vessels  to be addressed this week.

14 April:  It is still too early to answer outstanding and ongoing questions about space availability for canoes and tenders ahead of the Harbour Board’s reshuffling of the dinghies.   Please email the membership secretary if you have heard nothing by 23 April.

8 April - Hardstanding reopening success.  Very nearly full on day one of the summer season.  The Harbour Board may reshuffle a few vessels to maximise space before consideration of new licensees still on hold in the next few days.  Thanks to owners for a relaxed start.

3 April 2018:  Once again we were fortunate to experience significantly warmer and dryer conditions on the day, whilst the wind only increased once the taxiing was completed in spite of the delayed start whilst waiting for the

Crane to arrive.

Click <<here>>  for more craning images, mainly of Skara Brae & Compass Rose.


1 April 2018:  The invitation period for 2018/9 licensing has now closed.  No new applications for berths will be considered until the return of the vessels to the Hard has settled.  

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Oversubscription of the Hard - from 2016 changes

Calendar 2018                                                                                          

Oct 13      Craning Ashore,  morning.

One of Skara Brae’s ‘lovely legs’

courtesy of

boatbuilders Messers Norton & Venton