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Lympstone Harbour Association Jargon

Beach mooring - lighter-duty moorings within a few metres of MHWS for tenders only

Craning - Typically in April and October (tide dependent) the Harbour Board hires a mobile crane to lift the larger vessels between the water and the hardstanding

Dry harbour / Dry Berth / Hardstanding- graveled area overlooked by LSC balcony, just above MHWS on which vessels are stored

Wet harbour  / Wet Berth - tidal area bounded by the harbour walls but including the brook

MHWS - mean high water springs - the average HEIGHT of the HIGH WATERS of SPRING TIDES above Chart Datum

Summer / Winter - LFHA operates a two season year.  During the summer suitable vessels are moored whilst their tenders, sailing dinghies & canoes occupy the hardstanding.   During the winter months, most of these vessels  must be removed from Association property.