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Members, licenses and joint-owners

Membership of LFHA is conferred on an individual by the Harbour Board.

Members apply to the Harbour Board for licenses to berth, moor or use specific vessels on or over LFHA property in specific ways, on a seasonal or annual basis. For shellfish activity more>>

Members will be invoiced on joining, after vessel changes and annually soon after the AGM.  At the start of the sailing season, the payment of an invoice, particularly for sailing dinghies, does not guarantee that a berth will be available.  Those unable to find a berth will be reimbursed.

Licenses (contracts) only exist between a single nominated LFHA Member & the Harbour Board, even when a vessel is jointly owned.

Joint owners must conform to LFHA membership requirements and names and contact details included with application details. 

If a licensed LFHA Member ceases to be a member or sells their licensed vessel, any associated joint owner of that vessel must apply for membership from scratch.

Licenses only last for the period for which they are granted (moorings annually, all other facilities for roughly 6 months).