Lympstone Harbour
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1. At the LFHA AGM on the 12th February 2016, the 2015 team of Harbour Board members and the Officers were unanimously re-elected.

2. Refurbishment of the harbour walls continues at a planned rate of £5k per year and the meeting approved the recommendation of maintaining fee levels at 2013 levels.  Thus invoices for the current year can be expected before the end of February.

3. The pressure on space, particularly for summer dinghy dry-berth accommodation drives efforts for greater efficiency in management of the property.  Lympstone  harbour has certainly never embraced so many vessels.  However, we expect current and future demand for berthing to continue to outstrip supply.  Given the pressures, management of the property is requiring increasing time and effort from all members of the Harbour Board.  Unprecedented usage is generating healthy levels of income allowing greater ambition of harbour upkeep.  The plan is to dredge the wet-harbour every two years.

4. In order to better monitor harbour usage, the Harbour Board will be carrying out more frequent inspections of the property throughout the year.  Members whose vessels repeatedly do not clearly display license labels will be identified, warned and they may find themselves disadvantaged come 2017.  It is acknowledged that access to the license labels in the LSC foyer is not always easily available.  The first inspection will therefore take place in early May, by which time all licensed vessels will be expected to display their labels.