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Residential Qualifications for new

LFHA applicants

Ever increasing demands on finite resources has led to waiting lists for many Harbour facilities. The Association has therefore defined ‘the community’ as those with a permanent residence within the Parish of Lympstone and who are listed on the Electoral Register. This only applies to new applicants. The Harbour Board reserves the right to make exceptions in special circumstances.

Where vessels are jointly-owned, the Harbour Board, whilst usually only dealing with one registered owner, requires to know the names and contact details of all joint owners and all parties must comply with the Residential Qualifications.

Whenever changes in ownership or contact details occur, the licensee shall inform the Harbour Board as soon as possible.


Pedestrians are welcome on LFHA property with one or two caveats. Dog owners are asked to keep their animals on a short lead in the harbour area and to avoid allowing their charges to leave any deposits (wet or otherwise) amongst the boats on the hardstanding. Elsewhere, please remove deposits to suitable bins.

Bicycles are not permitted on the harbour wall at all, whether ridden or not.


The Harbour and slipway is private property and carparking is prohibited. LFHA members may temporarily access the slipway, when not in use by sailors, to service their vessels.  Vehicles must not remain on the slipway if the driver is not immediately available to move their vehicle on request.