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Facilities only available to permanent Lympstone residents

Season End

From 1st September 2019, applications for winter berthing of regularly used dinghies (not for storage) and as yet unlicensed canoes and boards will be considered by the Harbour Board as available space allows.

Dinghies, canoes & tenders* not licensed for winter shall be removed from the harbour by Wednesday, 9th October.

Canoe winter licensing update

Dayboats that winter on the hardstanding shall only come ashore AFTER the crane has departed the village. By default, such vessels should come ashore within days, else seek Board approval to remain afloat longer. This is to better gauge how much space there might be for winter dinghy sailors whilst the weather is still amenable.

*Tenders to dayboats temporarily still on moorings after craning may remain on hardstanding without winter license.  Tenders over-wintering within the plan view of their respective mother vessel may do so without a fee.

Craning Ashore: Monday 14 October 2019 (HT 0750 3.8m)