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Season Start 2020

Wednesday 8 April 2020  8pm

Deadline for all owner-launched vessels from the hardstanding to have launched is 8pm.  Only licensed tenders to launched vessels may remain on Ted’s Folly or against cliff wall.  No vessels with stepped masts to remain berthed on the eastern edge of the wet-harbour.

Thursday 9 April  2020   Craning Afloat

Safety Briefing 0700,  1st lift 0715

The Harbour will be closed to the public during prior crane movement and during craning operations.  << Explanation of craning fees >>

[Good Friday 10 April 2020]

Saturday 11 April 2020 1000

[ not as previously stated]

Work Party to slash & burn undergrowth on cliff face & hardstanding with tidy-up for Harbour Opening tomorrow.

Sunday 12 April 2020:  Harbour Open  

to dinghies & other summer-licensed craft. Commencement of first come first served period.  Harbour Board/LSC may adjust the positioning of the rows of dinghies as the days pass.    Probably within a fortnight but maybe earlier, the Harbour Board will declare the Hardstanding Closed.  Those without a berth from that day should email lfhamemsec@gmail.com to either request a refund or go on waiting list to seek emailed permission from Harbour Board to take up any specified spare berths that might develop.  Dinghies brought to the hardstanding after Harbour Closure without emailed permission will not be welcome in 2021.

Season End:

Craning Ashore:
Friday 2 October 2020 from 0630

All dinghies & summer-only licensed craft are to be removed from the Harbour by 1900 on Wednesday 30 September 2020 to allow time for site preparation & marking out for craning the following day.

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