Who owns Lympstone Harbour and the foreshore and the Moorings?

The Lympstone Fishery and Harbour Association (LFHA).   To use LFHA property for boating activity, users shall be licensed members of LFHA.   Pedestrians alone have free access to LFHA property.  

LFHA membership does not give access to the Sailing Club.  For that, join the Sailing Club. 

Do pedestrians have access to LFHA property?

How do I apply to keep my vessel at Lympstone?

If you are a permanent resident within the Parish of Lympstone please complete the Membership Application Form on the Home page.  No Harbour or mooring facilities are available to non-Lympstone residents.

Is fishing permitted from Lympstone shores?

Fishing is not permitted from land between Parsonage Style, north of Cliff field, and Quay Lane to the south.

Please email the Harbour Board Membership Secretary with any further questions about the use of LFHA property or this website