License Fees for using LFHA private property

The Harbour Board, in consideration of its planned maintenance costs, expenses & reserves, recommends fees to the Membership at the Association’s Annual General Meeting, held usually in February.

Fees relate to Members’ requirements for using Association property.    Annual or 6-monthly license fees are set each year.  

The fee payer by default becomes an LFHA member, with one vote at the AGM.

Licensing covers use of the hardstanding and racks, mooring in the tidal harbour and in the estuary and outboard storage and a small annual fee for Homebased Personal Craft.  Fees vary with the size and position of craft.

The cost of crane hire for the biannual craning of vessels between land and water is shared equally between owners.  There are size limits of vessels that are craned.

Details of specific license fees can be obtained on application for membership.