Harbour Fees

All boat users of LFHA property are requested to contribute financially in a proportionate way to the maintenance of the property.  The beaches from Parsonage Style north of Cliff Field to Sowden End below Mean High Water Springs are LFHA property as is the adjacent fundus extending out into the Exe Estuary.  The Harbour including the slipway and hardstanding are similarly private property.  Whether launching a paddleboard or canoe, or mooring a vessel with a tender ashore all owners are required to obtain a license from the Harbour Board.  In so doing, one automatically becomes a Member of LFHA.

Fees range from £10 p.a. up to a few hundred pounds for larger vessels, depending on their owner’s requirements.

Shore-based licenses in particular, can only be granted when sufficient space is available.

Further details are available when you apply for a license for a particular vessel and Membership.