Conditions of LFHA Membership

Membership of LFHA is conferred on an individual by the Harbour Board when licences are applied for, agreed & fees are paid in full.

Conditions of membership include permanent residency in the Parish of Lympstone and being registered on the Electoral Roll.  Licenses lapse when a Member no longer meets these conditions.   Membership and Licenses can be terminated by the Harbour Board.

Licenses last for the period for which they are granted which can be annually or seasonally.

Licenses are not transferable between family members or to anyone else without written notification to, and agreement in writing from the Harbour Board .

Please note that membership of the Association is conditional on the following at all times:

  1. You maintain adequate third-party insurance on all your vessels on or using the Association’s property.
  2. You use the Association’s property entirely at your own risk.
  3. Any vessel on LFHA property will display a current licence label at all times.
  4. You undertake to:
         i.  inspect your mooring tackle at least each year and to keep it in good repair at all times.
        ii.  identify your mooring buoy by clearly marking it with your allocated Mooring Number.


  1. In paying fees you are implicitly agreeing to abide by all LFHA Rules.  Licence Labels for each vessel act as receipts.
  2. Please note the requirements to provide distinguishing visual identification of every unnamed dinghy, tender or canoe identified below without which licences will not be issued.
  3. If all is correct with your emailed invoice, please “Reply” to the e-mail completing all required blanks, stating how & when you intend to pay: BACS, cheque or cash. No need to print anything, just reply keeping the same Subject. I will acknowledge receipt of your reply.
  4. Once paid, Licence Labels will be placed in the Electricity Supply Pillar on the hardstanding a week before the harbour opens to dinghies. Label numbers are prefixed with ‘d’ for craft with dry summer berths & with ‘w’ for others.
  5. A Licence or License Label is no guarantee that there will be space for your vessel at the harbour if demand exceeds supply. After opening, the Harbour Board may declare the hard full for a specific facility. No vessel requiring that facility shall then be brought to the harbour until further Harbour Board notice. Refunds will be granted to licensed Members who do not obtain a berth.

Summer Season

  1. No summer-berthed vessels shall be brought to the harbour before a Harbour Open notice is given by the Board.
  2. All vessels berthed in the wet harbour shall be attached such that they remain at right-angles to the adjacent harbour wall, and cannot damage other vessels at any state of the tide.