It is possible as a LFHA member to maintain a vessel on a mooring during the summer and to store it on the hardstanding over winter without owning a trailer to self-launch and retrieve via the slipway – subject to the availability of space on the hardstanding. 

The Harbour Board arranges Craning Days, typically in April and October for the transfer of members’ vessels between The Brook and hardstanding, with costs on the day shared by owners.


Whilst there is scope for the laying of new moorings in the LFHA-owned fundus area, hardstanding space is limited and is increasingly oversubscribed, summer & winter.  The Harbour Board will only consider craning leisure monohull vessels with overall length of up to 28ft and a maximum beam of 9 feet 6 inches.  Other considerations when a vessel is to be craned can come into play, so Members should contact the Harbour Board before acquiring a vessel if they wish to avail themselves of a winter dry berth.  Craning and winter dry-berthing are only available to vessels that have been licensed for a LFHA moorings during the previous summer.

An alternative to craning is to store your vessel in the wet-harbour over winter.   Vessels are not usually kept on moorings over winter.    If you have the means of launching and recovering your vessel yourself, this can be done subject to diary considerations (see * below).

About a week before craning day, all members having their vessels craned will receive an emailed Safety Briefing which must be responded to as required and the ad hoc craning fee must be paid prior to a lift.  Owners preferably, or their appointees if essential, must attend craning as instructed.

Vessels that are craned directly to the hardstanding take precedence for hardstanding space over trailered vessels.

Vessels with prior Harbour Board agreement in writing, may be craned to a road trailer for immediate removal from the Harbour once craning to the hardstanding is completed.

 April 2023    Lympstone Harbour & Foreshore

 The Lympstone Fishery & Harbour Association (LFHA) successfully completed its 36th annual craning of boats from the hard standing at the harbour into the brook.  As we repeat this exercise in the autumn, but in the opposite direction, we have now conducted 71 craning operations.  The hard standing will be open to the summer small boats from 7am on Wednesday the 12th of April. The Association is grateful to residents for easing the passage of the large crane needed for this annual event.

October 2023

Twenty-one vessles were efficiently craned from the brook on 3rd October leaving plenty of room for all  the would-be DIY vessel recoverers to bring their vessels ashore in the ensuing days.


Important to boat owners who move their vessels between the slipway & The Brook via road trailers:

In order to allow maximum flexibility for craning operations, boat owners who move their vessels between the slipway & The Brook independently of craning must only do so BEFORE craning afloat (in April) and AFTER craning ashore (in October).

No vessel with a raised mast is allowed on the southern half of the east wall of the wet harbour on craning day.  Contact the Chairman.