Harbour Board Directions & Standing Orders

Harbour Board Directions are emailed to Members personally.  They contain details of actions for the recipient, including a deadline for completion.  If not complied with, and no reply received by the deadline, membership will be reviewed by the Board and may be terminated. 

Directions & Standing Orders

Direction 23 03 2024

This has been emailed to all members today 

Engine Store - Standing Order

To  maintain the current tidy state, the Harbour Board has announced the following conditions of use of each licensed space :

  • One outboard
  • One pair of oars or paddles stored vertically.
  • One 12v battery contained in a pukka housing if the outboard is electric.
  • For those with inflatable tenders, one pump kept behind the rail.
  • One buoyancy aid may be kept behind and hung from the engine rail.
  • No fuel tanks apart from those integral to outboard engine
  • No clothing, e.g. footwear, waders, overalls
  • No other items e.g. buoys, fenders, chain, containers ….

 Unauthorised items may be removed from the Store by the Harbour Board and placed near the rubbish bins.

July 2023


Rack Changes - Standing Order

Racked craft owners:

  1. Only one racked craft per household is permitted.
  2. All craft launching or stored on LFHA property must clearly show a License Label particularly when racked,  License Labels buried in the cliff face  are not deemed to be clearly on view.
  3. No craft may be stacked directly on top of another in the racks. 
  4. Licensed Homebased Portable Craft do not belong in the racks at any time.
  5. Those not complying with the above will not be offered a rack space next year.  Unidentified craft will be removed from the racks and placed near the Safety Boats even if it means cutting locking chains.
  6. From 2024, the erstwhile entitlement to keep a second licensed craft (eg paddleboard) on top of a sailing dinghy is withdrawn.

 The Harbour Board is disappointed in having to introduce such measures, but a rash of simple rule breaking amongst users of the racks has triggered this response.

Craning Ashore - Standing Order

The Harbour Board will not accept or consider new requests or late changes to the vessel craning list plan after the last day of August.

Pressure on Resources 2023 onwards - Standing Order

First discussed in 2021 and decided at the 2022 AGM, from 2023, the maximum entitlement for each household will be limited to a maximum of one dinghy, one rack-stored craft, and one tender to a moored vessel (these limits will not be by right but conditional on there being room to endorse such an application). This limit will apply to all existing and future members from the 1st April 2023.

This decision has been arrived at due to the continual rising pressure on limited resources, the recent large increase in new dwellings in the Parish, and the aim of sharing limited resource equitably amongst households.

Also from 2023, license fees for vessels on the hardstanding and in the tidal harbour will be based of the LOA of the vessel, rather than the previous LOA bands.  Fees for vessels stored on the hardstanding over winter on trailers will be based on the vessel LOA plus any trailer overhang.