Public Access to the Harbour

No vehicle Access

The Harbour is private property and Notices display No Parking for vehicles on the slipway.  LFHA Members alone are allowed limited parking whilst they remain at the Harbour servicing their vessels.



Pedestrians are welcome on LFHA property with one or two caveats.  Please use the slipway, walls or the established path through the vessels in the Harbour area.  Dog owners are asked to keep their animals on a short lead and to avoid allowing their charges to leave any deposits (wet or otherwise) amongst the boats on the hardstanding.  Elsewhere, please remove deposits to suitable bins.

Bicycles are not permitted on the harbour wall at all, whether ridden or not.



The slipway is an integral part of the Harbour, is private property and carparking is prohibited.  LFHA members may temporarily access the slipway with vehicles, when not in use by sailors, to service their vessels or to transport vessels.  Vehicles must not remain on the slipway if the driver is not immediately available to move their vehicle on request.  

During the summer season, the hardstanding is out of bounds to road vehicles.


All access to LFHA property for launching, recovery, berthing, anchoring and tiling is only available to registered LFHA Members authorised by the Harbour Board with vessels displaying a current license label.