New General Data Production Regulations (GDPR)

Why does the Harbour Board keep personal data?

The Harbour Board is the executive committee of the LFHA. The Board’s duty is to manage and maintain the property of the Association in accordance with the Constitution of the Association and the law. Funds are raised from the membership by licensing facilities for each vessel owned. Management of the property and the process of application and licensing requires contact with members.

From where do we obtain personal data?

The personal data that the Harbour Board keeps is provided by the member themselves on application for membership and may be updated at any time by that member by contacting the Membership Secretary. The information held by the Association is sent to each Member during the annual licensing process for checking and amendment. This, and the date of receipt of payment, is the only information retained by the Association.

Who is responsible for keeping personal data?

The LFHA membership secretary maintains the up-to-date database securely. Extracts from this database may be used by Board members to administer the property during a year. The Chairman & Treasurer will also have access to the database.

What personal data do we keep?

Title, surname, forename and/or initials, address, phone number, email address, with identifying and licensing details of each member’s vessel and licensed facilities. The fees associated with such licenses are also included. Where a vessel is syndicated, the surname, forename, address, phone number, & email address of other parties are recorded.

How do we use it?

The Harbour Board uses this information exclusively for the governance of all aspects of the Association and management of members’ vessels.

At membership renewal ahead of each summer season, members are invoiced. The invoice shows all personal data that the Association records.

How do we secure it?

We secure this information by keeping it under password protection and restricting access to it to the Harbour Board members who need it to manage the business of the Association.

What are your rights?

The right to see any data about yourself.

The right to correct anything that is wrong.

The right to have your data deleted* (see * below).

When will we delete your data?

When your resignation is acknowledged and removal of your licensed vessels from our property is completed, the Harbour Board will delete much of your data but will retain identifying information about the owner of the vessel last licensed to the owner. This is to assist the Emergency Services in tracking vessels that appear abandoned but still carry an LFHA license (this actually happened to a Laser dinghy found on a beach in North Wales).

The GDPR covers paper records as well as electronic data but the data described in this policy is essential to the management of the Association.

* It would not be possible to be a LFHA member without allowing such data to be held by the Harbour Board.