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Craning : Assemble at slipway 0700


If you have not received or paid your 2024/5 Invoice, please email asap.

Contact      if weather conditions prevent safe launching of your vessel.

The Vertical Inflatable Store (VIS) is a new term to distinguish these from the canoe racks.  Inflatable tenders kept here are licensed at Hardstanding rates and shall display License Labels with a “d” prefix

Harbour Calendar 2024

Monday 3rd April – License Labels available from the Electicity Supply Pillar

Thursday 11th April 1800 – updated deadline for the removal of DIY-launched craft from the hardstanding subject to safe activity, contact

Friday 12 April  Craning Afloat  –   HT is 4.1m at 1000.     updated   Assemble 0700

Saturday 13 April 1400  Working Party to tidy site and removal of dinghies/tenders from the racks

Sunday 14 April 0800 Harbour Open to summer-licensed vessels

Thursday 18 April  Silt removal operations – ALL vessels will need to vacate the tidal Harbour before this day bearing in mind that peak previous Spring Tides are in the 4 days from 7th April.


Thursday 17 October   Hardstanding area to be devoid of all dinghies tenders & any other craft by 1800.

Friday 18 October   Crane arrives and parks on hardstanding

Saturday 19 October – Working Party – winter-licensed dinghies into racks – craning layout lines

Monday 21 October 2024 Craning Ashore – assemble by 0740, first lift 0750, HT 4.2m @ 0950

Tuesday 22 onwards  Moored DIY vessels may return to hardstanding 

Changes of vessel

Changing your vessel?  Whether you wish to swap, add or remove a licensed vessel from the Harbour,

please simply email the membership secretary, Richard Crisp, as the first step.

Compliance with Harbour Board Directions 2024

Harbour Board Directions are issued by email when prompt action is required by Members.   Members who will be without email for a week or more should inform the Membership Secretary in advance.

LFHA AGM 20 February 2024

We welcome three new members to the Harbour Board, Claire Belcher, Debbie Mitchell and Emmit Wookey.

Other good news, no increase in fees again so invoices will be arriving soon.

2024 License Label changes

There will be Four types of License Label with different prefix letters

    a – for moored  or wet-harbour-berthed vessels  (afloat)

    d – for dinghies and tenders stored on the hardstanding  (dry-berthed)

    r – for craft licensed for storage on the racks  (racked)

    p – for Homebased Personal Craft ( HPC )

The option to piggyback a canoe or paddleboard on a dinghy is withdrawn 

To avoid confusion over canoe racks and those for the vertical storage of inflatables, the latter are now referred to as the Vertical Inflatable Store (VIS), a part of the hardstanding. 

Tides - 30-day predictions and monthly graphical representation several years ahead

30-day predictions numbers & graph 

To view a pictorial representation of monthly tides past & future, click here.   Thanks to Tim Jupp for these.

Chairman's Report at the Annual General Meeting - Tuesday 21 February 2023


Our mason was unable to resume work on the harbour walls this year so the amount spent remains as reported in August; a total of £54,447. The on-going plan to commission £5,000 worth of work annually will continue this year but the mason did manage some patch repairs to the wall for which we have not been charged. The Board applied for and was granted a license for the maintenance dredging of 500 tonnes of deposits every year under Section 75 of the relevant Act. It is important that all members understand that about 70 or so acres of fundus and beach up to the line of Mean Highwater Spring Tides – including the harbour slipway and the harbour walls and the ramp at Sowden End – are owned by the LFHA under Land Registry Title DN181697. The Association also has a 25-year lease on the 22 acres of fundus and beach from Darling Rock up to and including Parsonage Stile. The Parish Council has no ownership of any part of the estuary.


Graham Wills, our Fisheries Officer, has maintained control of the issue of Board licenses to all of the Peeler crab farmers. Details of this operation been reported to the Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority. The Board has issued Ingham Fisheries with a lease to farm shellfish (Oysters and Mussels) on a patch of fundus off Sowden End and that new enterprise is now operating. To make the heavy investment made by Ingham Fisheries in this enterprise the existing time-limited lease will be extended from 5 to 30 years (subject to terms).


The pressure on Association facilities has continued and will continue if the current draft East Devon District Council Development Plan is endorsed (Plans for a further 197 houses within the existing Built-Up Area Boundary of 814 dwellings – a 25% increase). The management challenge takes most of our time. We now administer 157 owners (including HPC licensees; 140 owners in 2021-22) with a combined licensed vessel LOA of 934 metres (963m last year). Members may own more than one HPC and can launch any one of them for the same fee at any one time provided the HPC license disc is either carried by the member or temporarily attached to the vessel. Members are again encouraged to consult the website and contact the Board before acting unilaterally. The pressure on the fixed physical space for storing vessels is such that the Board has had to restrict the number of licenses issued to any household in the parish. From April the 1st this year the maximum (NOT automatic) entitlement for each household will be limited to one dinghy, one rack-stored kayak or canoe, one tender and one moored vessel (these limits will not be by right but conditional on there being room to endorse such an application). In future all vessels will have licenses and thus fees derived from their Length Overall (LOA). This is partly to discourage the use of trailers with large overhangs and partly to address the inaccuracy of the present band system. For most owners this will be a mostly (but not wholly) cost-negative measure.


Successful last year. Vessel owners are asked to plan ahead as last-minute appeals for bespoke treatment may not be accommodated – the default obligation is that owners will be present for craning. We will continue to use the practise adopted during the Covid epidemic of not having a verbal briefing in the Clubhouse. Boat owners and their helpers will be asked to assemble at a given time on their vessels having received and agreed to a full set of instructions for the operation by email beforehand. In future all applications for craning and for wet and dry winter berths must be submitted to the Board by the 1st of September each year so that they can be considered by the Board at its September meeting to enable a craning-out plan later in the same month.


The Board has purchased and assembled a pontoon which now provides a physical link between the Northern part of the harbour (Ted’s Folly) and the Western wall. We have waited 6 months for some missing assembly items and thus have not yet commissioned the system for more than two vessels. These items have now been delivered and will be installed by the 1st of April. New stern buoys will be installed for the vessels mooring on the pontoon and a new stainless steel chain on stainless steel eyebolts will be installed from the top of the wall by the steps. Pressure from non-members seeking to launch vehicle towed vessels from the slipway and from others using the slipway as a car park means that we will be installing a chain barrier – which may be locked if it is abused. The Board also built a trial vertical rack for up to six (6) inflatable tenders which has been a success. The lights on the Southern harbour wall have been replaced by a line of inset solar lights which more accurately mark the safe path in the dark. The new website is now in operation and members are encouraged to use it. We hope to trial a hydraulic mud pump to remove silt from the wet harbour in the days after craning. The Board asks all members to delay taking up a summer wet berth until this operation is completed which cannot begin until all the presently berthed vessels have been removed to their summer moorings.


Invoice Small Print 2024

Your invoice will show what data the Association  holds on you,  based on last year’s data, more recent email request  or from your new membership application.

  1. Please reply clearly correcting errors or updating your license requests for the year ahead
  2. If you pay by internet banking (preferred), please reply & quote the figure you agree and if post-dated, give the date when the transfer will complete. Deadline for payment 12 March 2024.
  3. If paying by cheque or cash please say which and amount.  Deadline for such payments 12 March 2024.
  4. If changes are to be made to the invoice, a revised invoice will be sent.

Availability of space.

  1. A maximum (depending on available space) of one dinghy, one racked craft, one Tender to a named Lympstone summer-moored vessel,  is allowed per household.
  2. As a result of above, please check your invoice when it comes, that the correct choice of vessel has been assumed,  if you had more than one last year.
  3. Priority for hardstanding space over winter is given to Lympstone summer moored vessels which are craned,  with least priority to the latest additions to DIY-trailered licensees.  Such trailered vessels may not come ashore before craning completed.
  4. You are expected to respond to ‘Harbour Board Directions’ emails as instructed promptly, unless you have previously informed us of being incommunicado for a period.
  5. Any operation carried out on the Association’s property is at the operator’s risk, with no liability to LFHA.  This includes the presence of any private property (boats) in LFHA jurisdiction.
  6. Payment of the forthcoming Invoice with the issue of licence LABELS as a receipt is no guarantee that there is or will be space for your vessel at the harbour when you do bring your vessel(s).    No dinghies or canoes are to be brought to the Harbour before Harbour Opening date.  Note: dinghy area, first come first served. Harbour Board will give notice of summer dry-berth closure when area deemed to be full.  Labels will be available from early April from the electricity supply pillar on the hardstanding (Ted’s Tabernacle)
  7. The Harbour Board will be carrying out occasional License Label checks so please ensure the label is easily visible from 14 April 
  8. Fees for vessels winter dry-berthed on road trailers (DIY launchers & recoverers) are now based on the overall length of the vessel plus trailer overhang.