LFHA owns the area of foreshore between MHWS & MLWS (fundus) from Sowden End to Darling Rock, and leases a further area to Parsonage Style.  The Harbour Board licenses members on a yearly basis to establish a mooring at an agreed position for a specific vessel.  It is the responsibility of licensees to provide adequate, identified & well-maintained mooring equipment at all times.  There is a one-off non-refundable mooring registration fee for each application for a mooring, whilst the mooring hardware remains the property of the licensee.  With the introduction of the non-refundable registration fee, there is no longer the requirement for licensees to remove their hardware at the termination of their licensing.

Guidance for Laying Moorings

There are two types of moorings available:

1. Click here to download .pdf on how to lay a ‘normal’ mooring.

2. Click here to download .pdf on how to lay a SMALL TENDER mooring when so licensed near the beach.

3. Contact the Moorings Officer to discuss whereabouts lay a mooring may be laid.