Licensing Fees

The Harbour Board, in consideration of its planned maintenance costs, expenses & reserves, recommends fees to the Membership at the Association’s Annual General Meeting in February.

From 2023, a revised scheme of Licensing Fees has been introduced.   All fees, except for racked craft, are based on the specific LOA of the vessel licensed, or for winter stored vessels on road trailers, the LOA plus trailer overhangs.  Minimum fees apply.

The equation used to derive fees from LOA was chosen to not increase income based on the 2022 fleet.  

Typical Harbour Fees for various vessel lengths

Berthing of Vessel other than canoes with overall length Summer Dry Summer Wet Winter Wet Winter Dry
< 3.5m £33 £30 £30   £33
4.5m £46 £37 £37   £46
5.5m £66 £53 £53   £66
7m n/a £101 £81 £101
8m n/a £130 £123 £129
9m n/a £160 £127 n/a*
10m n/a £190 £154 n/a*
Rack space / craft £40   £40

* Privately owner vessels >8.55m (28ft) loa are not craned.  Commercial fishing vessels >8.55m may be craned.

Homebased Portable Craft (HPC)  £10 per annum

Engine Store position per annum £33 + £5 key deposit refundable from the Harbour Master

Beach mooring**   for craft <3.5m loa    £10 per season

Estuary swinging drying mooring:  minimum £30,   £6.25 per metre

New mooring application:  £50 one-off registration fee

Daily launching of members’ dinghies <6m stored at home  £10 per annum


Large RIBs (>3.5m) are not permitted on the hardstanding, summer or winter.

* Limitations to provision of harbour berthing apply to vessels with loa > 8.5m. Ask the Harbour Board for further information.

** See Moorings for more detail.

Summer season is typically from the date that the Harbour Board declares the ‘Harbour Open’ to dinghies (usually about a week after craning afloat) until a week before craning ashore.

Winter season typically starts about a week after craning ashore & closes about a week before craning afloat.

Craning dates are dependent on Spring Tides but typically fall in April & October.

Craning fees only apply to members requiring a lift at the start &/or end of the season and are additional to licence fees. Craning fees are dependent upon the crane hire charge, the number of boats lifted and the maintenance of a reserve should extra costs arise from unforeseen events or cancellations of crane hire. For Members requiring a crane lift at the start of the summer season, the fee is usually included in the overall licensing invoice.   A second separate payment is also due for any crane lift at the end of the summer season.